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Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to Staffel 1

[Ger Sub] Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to ist eine parodistische Darstellung von dem Leben des Mangakas Aito Yuuki und seiner Assistentin Ashisu Sahoto. Aito kann sich nicht auf die Gefühle der Personen in seinem Manga einlassen, also fragt er Ashisu um Hilfe ...


Anime Comedy


2014 - 2014


Hayami Saori, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu




Takeshi Furuta


Aki Itami

1 Perfecting Breasts! / Dream Job / Panty Wars / Otosuna Mihari's Day Off [GerSub]
2 A New Assistant Arrives / That's Important / First Time Together [GerSub]
3 Porno Mag Panic / Can I Take Care of Her? / Dark Comet Appears! [GerSub]
4 S&M / Mascot Character / Branya Appears! / Seventeen Mihari [GerSub]
5 Park Shock / Someday / Using Close Friends for Reference [GerSub]
6 Let`s Go to a Hot Spring [GerSub]
7 Little Sister Attacks! / A Night Alone / Piggybacking the Super Assistant [GerSub]
8 Chief Editor's Check / In the Mind of a Girl / Going Too Far [GerSub]
9 Mistakes of the Past [GerSub]
10 Sena-Chan's Crisis / I'll Cheer You On! / Rain Talk [GerSub]
11 Dreaded Change / Do Your Best, Sena-chan / Know Yourself [GerSub]
12 Progress / End of Summer / Panty Personality Test [GerSub]
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